Admiral Packaging offers best in class flexible packaging to our clients. From our vertically integrated prepress department all the way thru to our state of the art converting department, your project will receive the attention and respect it deserves. And at the core of every job is outstanding customer service and communication, along with exceptional quality control checks throughout the process. Let Admiral Packaging bring your flexible packaging designs to life.


Our vertically integrated graphics department uses state of the art equipment to execute your designs. We follow the same process on every job:

  • Pre-production  meeting to discuss all aspects of the artwork and design intent, packaging size confirmation, and agreement on execution intent.  It is critical to ask all the questions up front to ensure the smoothest transition from artwork to finished packaging.
  • Art production – Once die line is confirmed, Admiral Packaging’s prepess experts will lay your artwork out on 1-up die.  A pdf will be sent to the client for size, content and layout approval.
  • Color Retouching – if your design includes process imagery, our team will execute image color matching using the latest color management software.  We produce Epson GMG color managed proofs that are sent to the client for color sign off.
  • Stepping and plating – Once the 1-up pdf and proof are approved, your artwork is stepped and then converted to platemaking tiffs.

Plate Making:

Using high resolution TIFF files, with the most advanced screening technologies available, each color is exposed onto digital plate material using our 50 x 80 inch ESKO imaging unit (CDI). Our equipment is regularly checked to make sure we are producing consistent flexo plates that produce optimum print results.  After numerous quality checks, your plates are mounted onto plate sleeves to be utilized on press for print production.

Flexographic Printing:

Now that your plates are ready to print, Admiral Packaging will utilize one of our 10-color W&H printing presses. If your design requires registered spot varnishes, that would run on our recently installed 52” Miraflex CM, the first press of its kind in the US. Additionally, we have an 80” wide water based two color press with 77.5” print width for your specialty applications.


If your job requires a multi-layer structure your printed film will be laminated to your specified structure using our Nordemeccania Super Duplex Compact SL laminator. Using 100% solventless adhesive, Admiral laminates numerous structures based on your barrier and performance requirements. Lamination materials include polyethylene, polypropylene, polyester, nylon, foil, metalized substrates, nonwoven, coextruded and calendared paper. If you are not sure what the best structure is for your package, give us a call to discuss. Our experienced team will walk you thru the process asking the important questions.

Finishing and Converting:

Admiral Packaging has the latest technologies in slitting and converting to ensure the highest quality packaging for your projects. Our converting technology allows us to produce the following finish bag or pouch options:

Pouch Machines:

  • 2&3 side seal pouch
  • Recloseable SUP
  • Bottom gusseted SUP
  • Quad seal
  • Wicketed gusset pouch
  • Wicketed 3 side seal reclosable pouch with perforatioin
  • Tape Closure
  • Header
  • Die cut handle options
  • Press to close zipper
  • Tear notch
  • Hang hole

Bag Machines:

  • Side weld
  • Reclosable Polybag
  • Wicketed bottom gusseted
  • Wicketed recloseable
  • Wicketed with header
  • Die cut handle
  • String zipper
  • Bread and Tortilla bags
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